It can’t get any worse, can it?
[it starts to rain] Obviously, it can.

Life is just that way, isn’t it? When you feel that your situation really cannot get any worse, it almost certainly will. But from this dreary perspective, something positive remains: at the lowest of lows, it forces you to start looking up. Reconnect with old friends, challenge yourself to make a difficult recipe, sit down with a classic novel and learn what the hype is about – start working towards something that will make your life better. When you take a step away from the stress, you can realize all the things in life that you are truly thankful for. With Thanksgiving in a matter of days, whether you’re feeling down or at the top of your game, take a moment and write down everything you can think of that you’re grateful for. And I mean everything; large or small, meaningful or superficial, everything counts. Once you’ve completed your list, read it over once more and then hang it somewhere you can see it often: a bathroom mirror, the fridge, etc. Having this as a constant reminder of all the good things in your life will revolutionize how you see the world. It will give you that boost you need to get out of the rain and instead feel the warmth of the sunshine. ©