Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.


Sometimes we forget just how important family is. When we think of what we’re grateful for, they typically top the list but I don’t think we fully realize why. The most common answers are: they’re always there for you when times get tough, they’re a huge part of your life especially when you’re growing up, and they always want the best for you no matter what. But there’s one aspect that ties these all together: love. Unconditional love. Sure, families fight and have disagreements, but within each family member’s heart, there is a special spot for you that only you can fill. You cannot be replaced or forgotten – you are there permanently, just as each of them fill a part of your own heart. Keep this in mind when things get crazy or you feel alone. A simple text or phone call can really make a big difference – and not only for you, but also for them. ©



What is a baby? I just can’t understand.
It must be something wonderful. It must be something grand.
‘Cause everybody’s smiling, in a kind and wistful way,
and they haven’t even noticed that I’m around today.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of being forgotten. Whether your parents had or adopted a new baby brother or sister, a friend started dating someone and left you in the dust, or even if you’re used to being the ‘teacher’s pet’ and they started paying more attention to another student. Any of these things and more can leave you feeling confused, depressed, and a little threatened – no one likes being bumped off their proverbial throne. You do have to realize, however, that people love new things. And so do you! It’s exciting to discover something you’ve never experienced before. And you also know that the more it sparkles, the more attention it gets. But eventually the shine gets duller and life returns to normal. Though your feelings may be hurt, it’s important to think about the excitement the other person must be feeling and let them fully enjoy their new-found happiness; some of the thrill only lasts a very short while. Respect them and their joy – and they’ll respect yours in return. ©


What’s happened to you? You’re not the Simba I remember.
(Adult Simba) You’re right, I’m not. Now are you satisfied?
No, just disappointed.
You know you’re starting to sound like my father.
Good. At least one of us does.

Even in Disney movie romances, conflicts arise. It’s inevitable in any sort of relationship to disagree on certain topics because, well, you’re different people with different opinions on what’s right and what’s wrong. The key is to learn how to deal with these arguments and still be friends once the storm has passed. This takes a certain level of respect for the other person and compassion in your heart. While what they may say to you could anger or sadden you, you should honor what they’re saying as valid and hear them out. Sometimes seeing things through a different set of eyes can open up a world of possibilities you never would have thought of before. But if they aren’t coming from a place of love and are instead cruel or demeaning, it’s best to walk away from the situation until that person has calmed down. With time, they will most likely be able to talk about things in a calm and controlled way. It takes a strong will in order to deal with conflict in an adult manner, but with a few deep breaths and an open heart, all will be well again soon. ©


“But I don’t want to go among mad people.”
“You can’t help that. Most everyone’s mad here.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has ever felt like I’m surrounded by crazies. For example, whenever I go to school, I feel like I’ve walked into a war zone. People push and shove through the hallways, students talk loudly in class while the teacher is speaking, and as they try to get to their desks, they bonk you in the head with their backpacks. On the way home using public transportation, men stay seated as women stand, people crunch their chips or blast their music, and once at the final destination, I get trampled by everyone racing to get off first. It feels to me that the world and the people living in it are just getting more and more intense. It’s all about them. Whatever happened to “love thy neighbor” or “do unto others as they shall do unto you”? Instead, it’s become ‘take advantage of thy neighbor’ and ‘do unto others as you darn well please with no consequences for your actions.’ While my initial reaction to this rude behavior is to act the same way in return, I know in my heart that I don’t want to become like one of these people. I want to inspire you to also be different. Be kind, be considerate, be patient – love people in spite of their actions. I know it’s hard, but it’ll make all the difference in the world. ©


The men up there don’t like a lot of blabber. They think a girl who gossips is a bore. Yes, on land it’s much preferred for ladies not to say a word. After all, dear, what is idle prattle for?
Come on, they’re not all that impressed with conversation. True gentlemen avoid it when they can.
But they dote and swoon and fawn, on a lady who’s withdrawn. It’s she who holds her tongue who gets her man.

With Halloween coming up, I thought perhaps some villains might also be able to grant us a little insight and advice. And indeed they can! Ursula is Ariel’s jealous foe and she’ll say anything to get the naive mermaid to believe her – and hand over her beautiful singing voice. This wicked witch manipulates her with all those lies; convincing her that a quiet girl is in fact who will win over a young man. But that’s just not true. Boys may be intimidated by your smarts and go for girls who really don’t have much to say and are more…’physical beings,’ but a real man will respect the fact that you have opinions and thoughts on world goings-on. Be proud of your intelligence, ladies! A young man who really loves you, will love everything about you…including your IQ. ©


I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss, And a prince I’m hoping comes with this,
That’s what brings everaftering so happy, And that’s the reason we need lips so much,
For lips are the only things that touch, So to spend a life of endless bliss,
Just find who you love through true love’s kiss…

Giselle exemplifies what it means to be a hopeless romantic. She comes from a fairytale world where princes and seemingly perfect love do exist. Unfortunately, we don’t live in Andalasia – and this is the sole premise of her movie, Enchanted. She discovers the truth about the world we live in and interestingly enough, in the end, chooses to live her life in our reality with the ‘real’ man she fell for: her true love. I think this says a lot about how we should view our own lives. Giselle’s innocence and imaginative wonder allowed her to see our world in a positive light, however still experiencing some hardships. Through her transformation, she had to let go of her fantasy world and with it, her first love, Prince Edward. She truly thought this was the man she was going to marry, but life experiences changed her and opened her eyes to many marvelous things – things she never believed were possible. It’s because all of this that I think we should try and live our lives like Giselle: pure at heart, seeing the best in people, and dreaming of the day we’ll experience our ‘true love’s kiss…’ ©


Aladdin: Your majesty, I am Prince Ali Ababwa. Just let her meet me. I will win your daughter.
Jasmine: How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future. I am not a prize to be won!

You gotta love Jasmine’s strength and determination, especially when standing up to her father in a serious situation. But what really caught my attention was Aladdin’s line – even though he knew she would like him because they had met before, out of context (the way Jasmine’s hearing it because she doesn’t understand the circumstances), this is a really arrogant statement. And unfortunately, this is how some guys act anymore. They think they’re hot commodities, no matter what they look or act like. Personally, I’ve heard some great lines when guys ask me out on dates – we’ll go out to dinner and they’ll talk about how amazing they are, what they’ve accomplished that makes them so great, and how handsome they are (yes, I’m not making this up). I would sit there wide-eyed and amazed, but not in the way they wanted me to be. I couldn’t believe the bravado they displayed, especially when they should be doing just the opposite: wanting to learn about the girl they’re with and complimenting her, and not just to get something from her at the end of the night. That’s what makes Jasmine’s reaction so admirable. She know she deserves better than this and she’s not going to put up with it anymore. And neither should you. ©


Rapunzel: I have made the decision to trust you.
Flynn Rider: A horrible decision really.

Don’t you wish more people were like that? Come right out and say it – provide you a warning label. But unfortunately the majority of people like this hide that they are untrustworthy. They conceal the fact well and you usually don’t realize you’re being duped until it’s too late…they’ve hurt you or broken your heart entirely. These people are a large part of what makes the world such a challenging place to live. While you can’t stay up in your tower or keep them wrapped in your hair forever, you can control the power they have over you. If someone says something to offend you, it may hurt but you mustn’t let it crush your spirit. If the young man you’re falling for suddenly becomes scathingly judgmental, leave before the situation gets worse. If your friend turns her back on you, realize that she wasn’t a true friend to begin with. Being strong in a world like this is tough, but you must believe in yourself enough to know you’re worth more than the lies and deception, the pain and guilt, and the heartache and sadness. Remember what a wise woman once said,
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ©


“I would do it. I would kiss a frog.
I would kiss a hundred frogs if I could marry a prince and be a princess.”
(Princess and the Frog)

Wouldn’t you? Problem is, there are vast amounts more ordinary frogs than princes out there and I’m pretty sure we’ve kissed a fair amount of them, to no avail. But don’t let this dash your princess dreams. Someday your prince will come, but this will take some time – and a lot of patience on your part. You may feel that you’re ready to run off into the sunset and live your life with your dream hubby in your superb castle, but the boys just aren’t there yet. They’re still too busy figuring out who they are, transforming from little boys into young men. Sure, in this movie it took kissing the frog to transform him into a prince, but that’s not typical. You know what they say, frogs will be frogs. So let other girls transform them. Let them do all the work while you enjoy being single and have fun with your friends! My advice to you is to wait it out – you don’t want to be kissing a frog when your prince comes along. ©


“He comes on with his big, innocent farm boy routine, but I could see through that in a Peloponnesian minute.”

Talk about an independent woman! Meg knew she was something special and refused to let anyone tell her otherwise. She saw straight through the boys who would play her and tell her everything she wanted to hear. Even when she truly fell hard for Hercules, the one guy who felt sincere affection toward her, she wouldn’t admit she had fallen in love: “No chance, no way, I won’t say it, no, no…” But sometimes it’s hard to be as wise as Meg. Sometimes we fall for the lies and fall head over heels…only to be left when the next ‘princess’ or ‘damsel in distress’ comes along. My advice to you is this – don’t believe everything you hear. Take every line that sounds a little too smooth with a grain of salt; you’re probably not the only girl who has heard these words from him. But also, don’t harden your heart, guard it. It’s too easily broken to be left unprotected. Trust your judgement… Your head and heart know more than you think. ©