But, Peter, how do we get to Never Land?
Fly, of course.
It’s easy! All you have to do is to… is to… is to… Ha! That’s funny.
What’s the matter? Don’t you know?
Oh, sure. It’s… It’s just that I never thought about it before. Say, that’s it! You think of a wonderful thought.


Sometimes when we think of achieving our wildest dreams, it may feel like we’re trying to fly. We find ourselves like penguins – strapped to the earth by gravity, even though we sometimes feel like our wings should be able to carry us high into the sky. It can feel like an impossible feat. But if you never allow yourself to believe that your dream is ultimately possible, it can never come true because it doesn’t have the power of your true belief. It takes faith and trust (and perhaps a sprinkling of pixie dust) in order for it to come to fruition. And this all starts with what Peter said: “You think of a wonderful thought.” Whether this be standing on the first place podium, receiving an A in your hardest class, performing on Broadway, or working really hard to earn enough money to purchase whatever it is you’ve always dreamed of. But don’t only imagine the dream, envision yourself actually attaining it. Positive thinking is the key to success. Just remember, your dream is only a wish away… ©


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